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Hana is a quiet and remote space along the rugged eastern coastline of Maui. It is accessed mainly via the Hana Highway, a 52 mile drive that will take anywhere from two to four hours to drive thanks to it’s 620 turns (many of which are hairpin) and 59 bridges (many of which are single lane). Getting there is half the fun though, as the trip will take you through wild rainforest scenes, and past waterfalls that make it well worth the drive. In fact, one reason the drive can take so long is that you’ll want to stop again and again to see waterfalls, mountain views, and lush forest backdrops. 

The town of Hana is small and has three restaurants and only a few shops, but is also home to the Travaasa Hana Resort, one of the most romantic and unique resorts in the state. 

Near Hana you’ll find Oheo Gulch, also called the Seven Sacred Pools. These seven pools line up as if someone were pouring water from one bowl to another to another and so on and are breathtaking enough to compete with the beautiful Hana Highway scenery. In Hana, the term rainforest is not an exaggeration. It’s one of the wettest places in the world. If remote but beautiful is your kind of place, Hana may be your new favorite location. 

There are several bungalows and small restaurants from which to choose, just be sure to pack the essential groceries as there is only 1 small neighborhood store – called Hasagawa’s General Store. Fun to poke around in and find a treasure.

East Maui Taro Festival in Hana

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